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BISS. Donna von Zwergen König
i have dogs in more than 30 countries....
If you are interested buy a puppy via mail
i bred since 2000
European Winner RoCh. SrCh. HCh. Panther von Zwergen König


djHello and welcome in my refreshening website – I had been late with this for a long time. I hope I can introduce you all of my dogs soon . I wish you fun time surfing on this site. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Telephone: 00 36 560 6165


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My name is Edit Czifra, and my kennel is located in Esztergom, at The Danube Valley. I have started dog breeding when I was 16 years old. Some other litters arrived after that first one but my big love, german spitz arrived later. I have found German Spitz in a book – and I fell in love immidiately. I had a possibility to visit Kennel Maryland – Maria Kiss in Szentendre- and I made a strong decision: I want a dog like that. I visited her so often that finally I could bring home my first German Spitz, Maryland Ariana. Well, she was not the prettiest, but she was the first and we have so many dogs because of her…

She made me clear that I will always have spitz. After her some other dogs had arrived: Maryland Dyna („no, I do not want to puy a pup I would like to visit them only”),Fortunat and Felicita. After them some dogs arrived from Kennel Catullus, one of the bests was Catullus Super , who had a huge influence in my breeding. 

We had improved the number of our dogs in the past 14 years with several import dogs and bloodlines. We are very proud that we were able to use more than 30 differents males and widening the genetic pool, but in the same time – uniquely –we were able to keep the old bloodlines which were the basis of our breeding plan. We are looking for new possibilities continously but we keep our own type of dog. However there are a lot of dogs in our kennel . we do not have puppies continously, every part of the year… Every year we use at least one foreigner male since our breeding conception is not the yearly repeated „ my dog, my bitch” mating but to introducing new bloodlines in the kennel. This idea was honored with the title of Golden Master Level.

And now we have new results, we have not only 2-3, but 4-5 generations in our kennel. We have new show titles, we had earned THE KENNEL OF THE YEAR since 2006, and we have 8 European Champions, 4 World Champions. Several of our dogs have been showed in different European countries and we have numerous champion titles and we have won English Champion title, too.

We would like to say thank you for von Zwerger Konig dog puppy who spent money and time to succeed.


And here I would like to say thank you for my whole family: my children: Alex, Oliver and Szonja, and my Husband, Tamas. It is not easy to live with a mother whose biggest hobby is dogbreeding and showing but they always helped me to fulfill my plans. I could not succeed without them. 


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